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    Check out the first track off our new album "What Do Ya Say"

    Official Album release August 17th, 2018 - Stay tuned for more..

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    Fronted by Geoff Hudson on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, alongside Jill McKenna on upright bass and Ben Bowen on trumpet, the Geoff Hudson Band is an Indie-Folk trio out of Hamilton. Ontario. Grounded in Hudson's introspective, bittersweet songwriting, the band has found their own sound blending elements of acoustic singer-songwriter, jazz, folk and pop music, going from dancing grooves to intense, reflective ballads. 

    Their live shows are an experience and you never really know what to expect. Whether breaking it down to an intimate Geoff and Jill duo, or adding drums and going full rock, they jam unrehearsed interludes propelled by the energy of the music and the audience. Whether it be their annual backyard Mountain Jam, street festivals, or word-of-mouth nightclubs, they have been known to mesmerize audiences into pin-drop silence while moments later bringing them to their feet.

    After four years of playing together they released their debut record "What Do Ya Say" in July 2018.


    Ben Bowen - Trumpet

    Meet Ben (AKA Mr. Ben). Ben is our all-things-brass man. With giant ears and tons of experience, his snaky trumpet lines and improv skills take this band to the next level. Born in Ottawa, he has played guitar and trumpet for over 25 years, studied jazz at Humber College and York University, and when he is not with us, he spends his time singing and playing music to and with young children at Mr Ben's Open Door Music! He is father to Abby and Ollie (adorable) drinks beer out of salsa jars, and can make terrifyingly accurate chicken sounds.

    Geoff Hudson - Guitar/Vocals

    Meet Geoff, our fearless leader. He is the voice, the face, and the beginning of every song. Geoff takes his guitar through all life experiences and with a writing style unlike any other, brings you this beautiful music . Born in London, Ontario, raised in Dundas, he plays the tuba, makes a mean caesar and agrees that his dog Lu is the most attractive member of the family.

    Jill McKenna - Upright Bass

    Meet Jill. Jill plays the lowest, sings the highest and is the bread to this Geoff Hudson Band sandwich. Born and raised in Hamilton, she studied jazz at Mohawk College and then the New School in New York City. She lays down the groove, loves a good craft beer and can throw a javelin farther than you. 

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