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Fronted by Geoff on acoustic guitar and voice, and featuring Jill McKenna on upright bass and Ben Bowen on trumpet, the Geoff Hudson Band play a magnetic blend of acoustic jazz rock and post-folk. Exploring the borders between cohesion and organized chaos, and grounded in Hudson's introspective bittersweet songwriting, they jam unrehearsed interludes propelled by the energy and ethos of the music. Though having only played together a year, their live performances reveal an effervescent chemistry, allowing them to explore uncharted realms. With live shows running the gamut between backyard bashes, street festivals, and dark word-of-mouth nightclubs, they have been known to mesmerize audiences into pin-drop silence while moments later bringing them to their feet.


Ben Bowen - Trumpet

As a musician Ben Bowen has worn many hats. Better-known around Toronto as a horn player with bands like Great Aunt Ida, Ronley Teper, the Book of Gnomes, and A Northern Chorus (among the 30-odd artists with whom he has recorded), in the last few years he has spent a good deal of his time singing and playing music to and with young children, and even opened for Fred Penner in 2011. He has played guitar and trumpet for over 25 years, studied jazz at Humber College and York University, and in the last while has begun to connect with musicians local to Hamilton, including the Geoff Hudson Band, of which he became an active member in the spring of 2015

Geoff Hudson - Guitar/Vocals

Geoff is currently in the process of writing the music for their debut album. 

Jill McKenna - Bass

Jillian McKenna is a Canadian bassist, composer and arranger from Hamilton, Ontario. Regardless of style, McKenna’s impactful sound on the bass resonates through whatever music she is a part of.  After studying jazz at both Hamilton's own Mohawk College (where she first met Geoff) and New York City's New School for Jazz, McKenna's reputation has continued to grow internationally. With a passion for listening, McKenna’s unique approach to the instrument makes her a sought after musician in today’s industry

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